Rapid tests still require official confirmation for Covid-19 cases

Earlier this week, Municipal Health Coordinator Dr. Oscar Castro Castro reported an individual in Puerto Peñasco tested positive for coronavirus per the rapid test kit. At the time, he also emphasized official confirmation as to whether this was indeed a second positive COVID-19 case for Puerto Peñasco would have to be issued by the State Secretary of Health via further swab testing.  The latter test was reported as negative.  Sadly, the individual in question passed away on Sunday May 3rd at the General Hospital in Puerto Peñasco.

On May 5th, in a City press release detailing an interview with Dr. Castro Castro, he once again stressed instructions of Mayor Kiko Munro for total transparency while not hiding any type of information. He underscored that regardless of any discrepancies there may be, there is strong coordinated work during this health emergency between the three levels of government.

Following official results, the person who passed away on Sunday at the local General Hospital tested negative for Coronavirus. The only contact of the now deceased was found Sunday evening at work, in a supermarket parking lot, and has been isolated and is being monitored for the next 14 days to prevent any unnecessary risk.

Dr. Castro indicated with respect to the rapid tests available in Puerto Peñasco, the first 400 of which are free, will be used solely in cases with suspected symptoms for Covid-19 in order to protect health workers.  The additional 2,000 rapid tests, which have yet to arrive, will be used at the sanitary filter (road block) at the entrance to town.  Additional information on logistics is still pending (i.e. payment methods, result time and response to a possible positive reading)



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