Puerto Peñasco welcomes “The Ambassador and Knight of the Seas”

Puerto Peñasco mayor Kiko Munro welcomes historic arrival of the Buque Cuauhtémoc training vessel of the Mexican Navy. Young man from Puerto Peñasco among crew aboard legendary ship.

“The Ambassador and Knight of the Seas” arrived along our coasts at approximately 1 p.m. on May 21st, escorted in by several local private and tour boats that went out to welcome the tall ship.

A convoy of authorities from the port, led by Mayor Munro, Rear Admiral Daniel Escobedo Escobedo, Puerto Peñasco Naval Sector Commander, and Sonora Tourism Chair (COFETUR) Luis Nuñez Noriega welcomed the crew, who were to remain in the area overnight and participate in a series of prepared events.  The convoy also included Municipal Secretary Terencio Gutierrez, Harbor Master Luis Castro Galán, local Chamber of Commerce president Angel de la Puerta, Convention and Visitors Bureau president Héctor Vázquez del Mercado, and Oscar Palacio Soto on behalf of the local hotel industry, among other special guests.

buque-cuauhtemoc-7-800x1200 Puerto Peñasco welcomes “The Ambassador and Knight of the Seas”

Munro stressed the arrival of the Cuauhtémoc Naval Training vessel to our shores is unprecedented and a tremendously historic event, adding to the progress achieved in reviving Puerto Peñasco.

Once aboard the Cuauhtémoc, the mayor, along with Rear Admiral Escobedo Escobedo, and Regional General Coordinator Inspector of the National Guard Sonora 7 Puerto Peñasco, Francisco de la Paz Molina Villalobos, were received by Navy Captain Carlos Gorraez Meraz and the 262 crew members aboard in order to tour the ship’s Hall of Arms and Admiral’s Chambers.

Mayor Munro also had the opportunity to greet one of the cadets on board who is originally from Puerto Peñasco.  Ulises Bañaga Carrera, 5th year cadet of the Heroic Navy Military School and crew aboard the Cuauhtémoc Training Vessel, will graduate this upcoming July 23rd from the Navy Military School in Veracruz.  Bañaga Carrera expressed his pride upon visiting his native land and port.

buque-cuauhtemoc-3-1200x583 Puerto Peñasco welcomes “The Ambassador and Knight of the Seas”

Back at port, the mayor welcomed Captain Carlos Gorraez Meraz in the mayor’s chambers at City Hall. Captain Gorraez Meraz, Commander of the “Ambassador and Knight of the Seas”, joined by crew from the Cuauhtemoc, presented the mayor with a “metope” of the Cuauhtémoc, representing the shields, recognitions, and flags forming a square that is received upon visits and cultural exchanges.

buque-cuauhtemoc-1-1200x583 Puerto Peñasco welcomes “The Ambassador and Knight of the Seas”

Captain Gorraez Meraz detailed due to the Covid-19 pandemic this past year, the Cuauhtémoc was unable to sail internationally and the decision was made to tour the coast of the Mexican Pacific as part of commemorations of the the Mexican Navy’s Bicentennial year.  Fortuitously, Puerto Peñasco was selected along the Bicentennial training route.



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