Puerto Peñasco welcomes residents and stresses joint responsibilities

resident-return Puerto Peñasco welcomes residents and stresses joint responsibilities

Puerto Peñasco’s gradual reopening process, and welcoming back of tourists and residents alike, continues to inch along despite beaches still being closed (under Federal guidelines), and protocols such as use of masks in public spaces and a nightly 10 p.m. curfew still in effect. Restaurants are operating at reduced capacity, hotel and resort pools are open, and the beach concession area in front of resorts and hotels provides a beautiful view of the sea – not to mention it’s about 20° cooler than the dry AZ summer.

Starting July 1st, Puerto Peñasco residents – who were unable to return to the city during the late May 10-day “window” – are able to once again make their way to casa.  In a Tuesday morning radio interview, Municipal Health Coordinator Dr. Oscar Castro Castro confirmed residents (showing proof of residence through an INE voter’s ID card, or utility bill in name of matching identification) will be able to return to Puerto Peñasco, though under the same protocols of the previous window for residents, including that of signing a Letter of Commitment to quarantine at home for 14 days (outings only for essential supermarket, pharmacy, etc.). Note: Rental contracts or bank trusts on their own are not sufficient to show residence.

As opposed to the earlier 10 day window, the current reopening to residents is planned to stay in place, though Dr. Castro emphasized this does not give carte blanche to residents to leave and return. Rather, residents will only be able to go in and out for essential or medical needs. A letter from the Municipal Health Office (638 388 5152) is still required for residents needing to leave and return at this time.

On the other hand, as initiated on June 16th, tourists and condo owners can still enter the city with reservations at Certified hotels & resorts, or through the certified HOA.  For updated information on these Certified properties, check:  Entry protocol for tourists

The reason for the difference between tourists and residents, and the idea of quarantining if returning to one’s own home, as explained by the Municipal Health Coordinator, is that hotels / resorts that have been Certified are undergoing continuous sanitizing.  The notion is that tourists are staying more on the property than around town, except for outings to restaurants that are also following strict protocols, and in the area for shorter stays. As residents are coming back to their homes, the goal is for them to stay at home as the city continues to try to reduce mobility over the next couple weeks.  Similar to the May “window” , there is leniency for essentials like groceries and pharmacies, etc. however the idea is that people aren’t hopping around town.
stay-safe-penasco Puerto Peñasco welcomes residents and stresses joint responsibilities

July 16th is the next proposed date to further open entry to the city, which would encompass family and friends of residents as well as part-time vacation home owners.  If possible, August 1st is the proposed date for removal of the health filter.

Visibly tired and frustrated, Dr. Castro stressed the ongoing joint responsibility of visitors and residents to adhere to health protocols the city has in place to try and prevent the spread of SARs-COV2  Covid-19 in Puerto Peñasco.

Despite conversations on suspected coronavirus cases in Puerto Peñasco, there is a 7-10 day period for official reporting from the Secretary of Health. Information on suspected cases (in yellow) can be found on the City’s interactive Covid-19 map at:  puertopenasco.gob.mx  Suspected cases in Puerto Peñasco, even if not yet officially confirmed at a state level, are in self-isolation until test results are available.  This also assumes people are seeking medical attention as needed, and verification of possible coronavirus symptoms and testing.

As of June 30th,  Puerto Peñasco has had 21 official confirmed reports of coronavirus since April 22nd, according to the Sonora Secretary of Health. Four of these cases were announced last night, which included 3 health workers.

30-junio-sonora-s Puerto Peñasco welcomes residents and stresses joint responsibilities

30-junio-new-cases-sonora Puerto Peñasco welcomes residents and stresses joint responsibilities



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