Puerto Peñasco updates Covid measures

On October 30th, The Municipal Health and Safety Board approved 3 new updated measures in its ongoing strategy to prevent the spread of Covid-19, while strengthening overall health protocols.

The new measures indicate:

1.- All commercial establishments may operate at 75% of maximum capacity, use of facemasks in closed spaces, and safe social distancing in outdoor spaces.

2.- Elimination of restrictions on operating hours (other than those indicated by the respective State Alcohol Board as to bars/clubs/etc.)

3.- Established preventive and mitigation measures remain in effect.

  • Use of facemasks
  • Constant hand washing and use of antibacterial gel
  • Temperature checks at entries to all commercial and public spaces
  • Safe social distancing (1.5 meters), during activities

This recent announcement points out these measures exclude the Educational System, which is governed by guidelines established by the Secretary of Public Education.

In the most recent Sonora “Anticipa” health alert map, Puerto Peñasco and much of the state is now indicated at “green” (or rather, low risk). Officials are hopeful with certain safety measures still in place, we will be able to prevent a rise in Covid cases following recent and upcoming larger events. Similarly, Mexico as a whole is mostly ranked at green on the health-risk map, through Nov. 14th.

sonora-anticipa-7-nov Puerto Peñasco updates Covid measures

semaforo-nacional-14-nov Puerto Peñasco updates Covid measures



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