Puerto Peñasco tightens health restrictions as of Nov. 2nd

Last week, the Sonora Health Board issued recommendations and guidelines for municipalities to continue to prevent the spread of Covid-19. This comes following spikes in #s across the state in recent weeks and based on two scenarios: state remaining at yellow on the federal health alert map, or returning to the higher alert of orange.
As of Nov. 2nd, Sonora remains at yellow on the Federal health alert risk map.
2-nov-municipal-health-board-1 Puerto Peñasco tightens health restrictions as of Nov. 2nd
On Saturday, the Municipal Health & Safety Board in Puerto Peñasco met virtually to define how the State guidelines would be implemented locally as of Nov. 2nd.  It is important to note, the city remains open and there are no plans to go back to implementing the health filter at entry at the moment.
As of NOV. 2nd  until further notice the following measures are in effect in Puerto Peñasco:
* Citywide curfew 10 PM – 6 AM
* Masks required in cars (when more than 1 person in car – regardless of family/friends/etc)
* Masks are mandatory at eating establishments when entering/leaving/going to restroom – only to be removed when eating
* Social Events (at event centers/salons etc) preferably during day and only until 8 PM and at 40% capacity
* Social Events at homes max capacity 10 people – preferably only family – and no music at high volumes (live bands, loud speakers)
* Only 1 person per family to enter supermarkets, convenience stores – masks are mandatory
* 30% capacity inside supermarkets or department stores
* Only essential services (hospitals, clinics, pharmacies, public utility companies) do not have limited business hours



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