Puerto Peñasco progresses to Phase IV

June 18th – On this morning’s Ahora Noticias radio program on La reyna del mar, Municipal Secretary Terencio Gutierrez announced the city has jumped ahead to parts of Phase IV of the city’s reopening plan, stressing all of these considerations remain contingent on how the city progresses with coronavirus in coming weeks:

  • Limit on two people per vehicle has been lifted – Goal is to allow families on outings for essential services. Have face coverings/masks readily available as they are still required in all public spaces
  • Health filter at Sonoyta-Peñasco highway entrance will remain in effect until further notice   Entry 6 am – 10 pm (or rather, when entry protocols are in place for review of reservations, etc.) Filter itself is up 24 hours.
  • 10 p.m. curfew remains in effect
  • Recommendation to not travel with minors under 12, or adults over 65. Some stores (supermarkets) do not allow entry for children under 12.
  • There will be two bicycle routes open for cyclists 5 am – 8 am / 5 pm – 8 pm With limit of 50 people per hour Blvd. Rodger & Jeanette Clifton (extends in front of the Peñasco Convention Center) as well as Blvd. Fremont (from Las Conchas gas station toward South along road toward Caborca)
  • Use of ATVS (max 1 person), and RZRs (max 2 people) is permitted, including rentals under strict health protocols. Rental companies must sign a Letter of Commitment with the city. Helmets required. Not to be used on main boulevards or beach, on dunes (regular ATV routes) permitted
  • Sports Fishing (70% capacity – this includes crew and staff) Must follow City protocol concerning Letter of Commitment as well as authorization from Harbor Master.
  • Tour boats (50% capacity – this includes crew and staff) No alcohol. Must follow City protocol concerning Letter of Commitment as well as authorization from Harbor Master.
  • Malecon – Certified restaurants now open. Public area on Malecon proposed reopening June 24th  8 am – 9 pm.  Street vendors to begin in Malecon also starting June 24th   Musicians (live music) on Malecon not permitted.  All vendors, commercial businesses must also follow instructions concerning Letter of Commitment (Office of Economic Development). Vendors not allowed to have products along sidewalks.
  • Beach considerations – It is foreseen federal government will be reopening beach soon, though a specific date has not been set. Public parks also remain closed. Only “La Milla” and “El Ovalo” are open 5 am – 8 am / 5 pm – 8 pm, reduced capacity.
  • Cemeteries closed on Father’s Day (to prevent large gatherings)
  • Health specialists able to enter city, with goal of also being able to provide services to patients here. Patients from outside of town can enter, under strict health protocols, and with confirmation of appointments. Specialists and patients entering for this reason are instructed to depart following appointments.
  • People that were in quarantine on boats at sea (there were about 5-7 boats during lockdown), can enter city under strict health protocols.
  • Proposed upcoming dates: July 1 – Entry to residents permitted. Main objective is for full-time residents who were unable to return to Puerto Peñasco prior to lockdown guidelines (proof of residence, photo identification).  July 15 – Visitors (family/friends), as well as part-time home owners.
  • Musicians only permitted to play presently at certified restaurants, under strict health protocols.



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