Puerto Peñasco opens its doors to tourism

As Puerto Peñasco begins to gradually reopen its doors to tourism, the City Administration and the Puerto Peñasco Convention and Visitors Bureau Come to Rocky Point are providing information as to requirements on coming into town, as well as a list (to be continually updated) on Certified / Sanitized hotels / resorts / rental companies, and current restrictions/guidelines in effect across the city.

For a list of Certified Properties during this process of Phase 3, please check:  Entry protocol for tourists visiting Puerto Peñasco 

As well as the City’s site: PuertoPeñasco.gob.mx

It is important to keep the following pointers in mind as part of the present Phase III in effect (which began on June 16th). Upcoming possible phases and reopening of additional activities are to be considered in coming weeks.   Additional guidelines are listed under the Protocols on the Convention and Visitors Bureau site.

* Entry to the city will require a reservation at one of the Certified / Sanitized locations (found on the Come to Rocky Point page); as well as for condominium owners – contact your HOA for more information and instructions
* When going through Sonoyta after crossing border, MASKS ARE REQUIRED in your vehicle and don’t forget speed limit is 25 MPH
* Pools at resorts & hotels will be open
* Golf courses open
* Only the concession beach area in front of hotels & resorts will be open (as of the latest info this week) – This includes the palapas in front of various resorts. The rest of the beach and to the water is not open yet
* 10 pm curfew across the city
* Restaurants are open at 40% capacity (Check with them to confirm times and days)
* Nightclubs and bars (which aren’t part of restaurant) are closed
* ATV (max 1 person) and RZR (max 2 people) rentals will be allowed, helmet law is in effect
* There is a city recommendation (this is not mandatory) to limit travel for children under 12 or adults over 65
* Be alert that in some locations (supermarkets, different restaurants) children under 12 are not allowed in
* MASKS (nose/mouth coverings) are REQUIRED in public spaces across the city. This includes shops, grocery stores, walking into restaurants – Please help out these businesses by following guidelines so they don’t get fined
* The previous limit on only 2 people per car will no longer be in effect. However, EVERYONE in the car must have a mask readily available as they are still required in Public Spaces (Update on June 15th by Mayor: families in car together don’t each have to wear a mask – but you need one when you get out in any public space)
* Malecon area is closed. (Most recent update on June 16th – certified restaurants can open)



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