Puerto Peñasco once again attracting hotel chains

By José Antonio Pérez

Given Puerto Peñasco’s growth in tourism and diversification that aerial and maritime connectivity represent, the city is again attracting large hotel chains like Marriott, Hilton, and Holiday Inn, explained Oscar Federico Palacio Soto, representative for the Sonoran Hotel and Motel Association. He noted that currently while many lodging options are concentrated in condo complexes, there is a strong possibility this will make way to large national and international hotel chains. Palacio Soto is sure that with commercial flights into Puerto Peñasco, and completion of the Home Port in the next two years, the level of competition in the hospitality sector is going to rise. Having better and more room inventory means that hotels and motels already in Puerto Peñasco had better prepare if they want to compete in the market.

Oscar Palacio made assurances that regardless of new investments, everyone in Puerto Peñasco must join the effort in maintaining this upswing in tourism. To be able to achieve this, all situations, no matter how difficult, must be faced seriously and with responsibility.



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