Puerto Peñasco modifies Phase 5 as it waits on PCR equipment

Press Release – City of Puerto Peñasco July 15, 2020 

Puerto Peñasco Mayor Kiko Munro announced some adjustments have been made to Phase 5 of the city’s “Peñasco Activates” plan, as special equipment for PCR tests is still on its way to the municipality.

As of July 17th, entry will be allowed for individuals who can show ownership of a house, condominium, or other property where they will be staying in Puerto Peñasco. This is in addition to permanent residents (who agree to a 14 day self-quarantine), and visitors with reservations at one of the Certified accommodation spots.

(Permanent residents & vacation homeowners must show proof of ownership through a utility bill, property tax receipt, OOMAPAS receipt, etc. – with name of person matching photo ID)

However, until the PCR equipment is available, the city has postponed an entry date for family, friends and other visitors without reservations at Certified accommodation spots, until further notice.

Mayor Munro detailed on July 7, members of the Municipal Health & Safety Advisory Board unanimously approved Phase 5 of the “Peñasco Activates” plan, via an online conference as a preventive measure. He stressed this approval had considered the entry of family, friends and visitors in general to the Municipality of Puerto Peñasco as of July 15th, contingent upon having Diagnostic equipment to detect COVID-19 via PCR tests.

The Mayor indicated the rest of the agreements made for phase 5 of the “Peñasco Activates” plan are still in effect, although conditioned on no extraordinary outbreak of coronavirus cases in the Municipality.

Please note:

* Certified lodging facilities can be found at:  Convention and Visitors Bureau

Upcoming parts of Phase 5

Starting Aug. 1st
  • Removal of health filters set up by the municipality of Puerto Peñasco, under the condition the epidemiological evaluation of cases in the area remains the same. To the contrary, the health filter will remain in place.
  • Reopening of businesses known as “Tianguis” (community markets), under the following criteria:  50% capacity / Establishing work schedules, considering all businesses / Possibility to operate multiple days / Owner and/or whomever is responsible must sign Commitment Letter with the Office of Economic Development as well as complete Training Course led by the Office of Civil Protection
  • Fulfill all health and safety guidelines

Starting Aug. 15th

  • Reactivation of athletic fields (soccer, volleyball, basketball, among others), under the following guidelines:   Representatives / promoters of Athletic Leagues will be responsible for fulfilling all previously established health protocols as to any spectators or fans including: use of masks, social distancing, use of antibacterial gel, among others. / NOTE:  For those doing the physical activity (players/athletes), use of gloves or masks will not be necessary during play.
  • Reopening of Gyms, under the following criteria:  Complying with all previously established health and safety protocols / 40% maximum capacity / Owner and/or whomever is responsible must sign Commitment Letter with the Office of Economic Development as well as complete Training Course led by the Office of Civil Protection
  • Reopening of public parks, plazas, and other public spaces (this does not include beaches as that is Federal decision and may be prior to or even after this)

*Questions regarding special cases, doctor’s visits, wanting to leave and return – please contact Municipal Health Office  638 388 5152 (located across from Police Station and behind Oxxo)

*The US/Canada/Mexico agreement on limiting travel for non-essential purposes (enacted in March) has been extended through August, with the goal of limiting the spread of coronavirus across borders. HOWEVER, Mexican customs officials at the Sonoyta / Lukeville crossing have yet to enforce this.  U.S. citizens and U.S. permanent residents can return to the U.S., as well as travel for essential purposes including commerce, health, and education. 



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