Puerto Peñasco may restart certain activities by May 17th

By José Antonio Pérez

If residents in Puerto Peñasco continue adhering to current restrictions and health measures, while sustaining a rate of zero Covid-19 cases, the city could begin reopening certain activities around May 17th while keeping the sanitary barrier as to access to the city, affirmed Mayor Ernesto Kiko Munro.

The mayor stated this in light of the Federal Government’s announcement this week to extend national “Healthy Distance” and “Stay at Home” campaigns until May 30th throughout most of the country.  However, as there are zones with low rates of contagion, the shelter in place directives could start being lifted on May 17th, per recommendations of a federal scientific group that has followed the course of Covid-19 in Mexico.

The mayor detailed measures at a federal level propose a variety of scenarios, and also opportunities for municipalities that, as Puerto Peñasco, have zero confirmed cases.

He urged the community to continue following the diverse restrictions in order to keep this municipality at no cases, and therefore strive to restart some businesses and school activities on May 17th. This would, however, entail maintaining the sanitary barrier as to access to the city, due to the rate of incidents in neighboring municipalities.

“I believe it is within us to be able to successfully make the sacrifice that Puerto Peñasco, both society and government, have undertaken up to now in order to have zero cases. If we continue like this, May 17th would be the next date to begin opening certain activities within the city,” he emphasized.

He warned, to the contrary, we run the risk of having the quarantine extend through May 30th or even the end of June, which is when the Federal Government projects control over the pandemic.

The mayor called on the solidarity of Puerto Peñasco’s residents to continue as the city has been doing in response to the various measures taken, despite the difficulties that have arisen.

The mayor expressed the City, as well as representatives from different sectors, will continue with guidance and means of support so the entire community can get through this mandatory quarantine in the best way possible.



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