Puerto Peñasco health protocols in place for Semana Santa

Over the past week, mixed messages regarding travel to Sonora’s beaches during the traditionally popular Semana Santa period have caused quite a stir in Puerto Peñasco.

While local officials affirm there will be no requirement to present a negative Covid test result (or proof of vaccination), the Sonora State Secretary of Health Enrique Clausen has issued statewide measures aimed at halting a third wave of Covid spread due to the busy holiday period.

Puerto Peñasco officials and the local Convention and Visitors Bureau indicate any modules into Puerto Peñasco will be solely for information / prevention purposes.

What we are certain of is that general health protocols remain in effect across the city: use of masks, social distancing, reduced capacities in different businesses, beach hours (6 am – 7 pm), and the citywide curfew.

The curfew itself from March 26th – April 4th, as agreed upon by the local Health & Safety Advisory Board, is Monday – Thursday 6 a.m. – midnight, and Friday – Sunday 6 a.m. – 1 a.m.

Travel tips Semana Santa 2021

  • Lukeville/Sonoyta border hours 6 a.m. – 8 p.m.
  • Plan to have readily available reservation/residency/arrival information as to where you’ll be staying in Puerto Peñasco if asked at module into town.
  • Similarly, it is recommended to have readily available proof of vaccine and/or negative Covid test results – this is also useful for some discounts at participating businesses in town.  City officials emphasize this is not a requirement.
Puerto Peñasco mayor affirms city is open and ready for Semana Santa

Easter weekend (which falls April 1-4 this year) is unmistakably one of the busiest times on beaches across Mexico. In 2020, with beaches closed across the country as the Covid-19 pandemic began, there was no question about entering town as Puerto Peñasco and its beaches were closed.

In 2021, following rigorous health protocols throughout the year at the local level, city officials are readily reinforcing health and safety measures while insisting the city is open.

In a March 25th city press release, Mayor Kiko Munro emphasized coordination among the different levels of government to ensure a safe “Semana Santa” (Holy Week) as well as to prevent the spread of Covid-19 through approved measures.  The mayor detailed during the busiest period of Semana Santa, from April 1st – 4th, the broader safety campaign is to include approximately 230 agents along highways, coasts, and within the city.

The mayor indicated the State Health Office will install a module in Puerto Peñasco for random and voluntary application of Covid tests.  City Secretary Terencio Gutierrez indicated the State will set up this module near the Playa Hermosa beach entrance during the busiest period of Easter weekend, as that is one of the most frequented beaches at this time.

Strengthened Puerto Peñasco Protocols Semana Santa 2021



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