Puerto Peñasco delivers on promise of medical supplies to Sonoyta

In fulfillment of recent commitments made to authorities and residents of the neighboring municipality of Plutarco Elías Calles (Sonoyta) to provide preventive medical supplies to benefit health personnel, while standardizing protocols and measures for a joint Health Corridor, the city of Puerto Peñasco made a first delivery of supplies to Sonoyta mayor José Ramon Arzate to help prevent the ongoing spread of Covid-19.

Puerto Peñasco mayor Ernesto Kiko Munro explained thanks to teamwork between government and civil society, through this first donation of preventive medical equipment, made possible by the generosity of the resort development “Encantame Towers,” the city of Puerto Peñasco was able to donate 60 medical overalls, 90 face shields, and 200 KN95 high efficiency masks to health personnel in Sonoyta.

encantame-donation-1 Puerto Peñasco delivers on promise of medical supplies to Sonoyta

Peñasco Municipal Secretary Terencio Gutierrez and Municipal Health Coordinator Dr. Oscar Castro Castro, who presented the donated materials, emphasized their agreement remains on track with the ongoing commitment to delivery oxygen tanks, rapid tests, and the installation of a sanitary tunnel to help confront coronavirus in the neighboring municipality.

The materials delivered on Thursday are part of a donation on behalf of Encantame Towers consisting of the 200 KN95 masks, 200 protective overalls for medical staff, and 100 protective face shields.  The additional materials will go to medical personnel in Puerto Peñasco.

“We appreciate the good will and ability of the private sector, who has continuously supported us with supplies to confront the global coronavirus pandemic, and now in being able to extend a solidary hand to help our Sonoyta family so that health personnel can have the equipment and tools to deal with the spread of Covid-19,” indicated Peñasco mayor Kiko Munro.

The mayor noted on July 7th the Municipal Health & Safety Advisory Board unanimously approved entry of Sonoyta residents to Puerto Peñasco for essential activities, in complying with all protocols and safety measures, as part of the agreement to provide open transit to visitors crossing the Lukeville/Sonoyta border that are headed to Puerto Peñasco.



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