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August 21, 2019

Puerto Peñasco by the numbers

Puerto Peñasco’s roots as a fishing village began in 1927. Much of this history was honored this past week with conferences and presentations marking the 90th Anniversary since the area’s initial settlements.  It actually became a municipality on July 9th, 1952, with Victor Estrella Bustamante serving as the area’s first Municipal President. Since that time, 25 people have served as mayor, either for the entire term or part thereof, described current mayor Kiko Munro during a keynote speech on Friday as part of the 90th Anniversary History Symposium held at the Municipal Auditorium.

Here are some other curious facts about the area, presented during Gilbert Ornelas Romero’s talk on “The other face of the desert 90 years since its founding” during the history symposium:

  • Puerto Peñasco is the 11th largest municipality in the state
  • 30% of Puerto Peñasco residents come from other states in Mexico
  • 2.7% of Puerto Peñasco residents are foreigners, particularly from the U.S.
  • In 1960, the municipality of Puerto Peñasco had a population density of 0.7%, which is now 2.2%
  • In 1940, there were 200 men to every 100 women; in 2014 there were 100 women for every 103 men
  • In 1960 there were no marital separations; in 2015, 6% of marriages ended in separation
  • In 1960 there were 1,035 homes; in 2015, there were 17,566
  • In 1960, 12% of women were heads of households; in 2015, 27% of families are headed by women
  • In 2015, birth rates indicated 1.9 children for every woman
  • Lifetime expectancy in 2015 was 78 for women and 73 for men
  • Beginning in 2000, Puerto Peñasco started growing at an increasingly fast rate, only surpassed by the capital of Hermosillo
  • According to data gathered from INEGI (National Statistics and Geography Institute), 95% of the population has running water, 97% with sewer lines, and 98% with electricity
  • 1.6% of the population still has dirt floors while 2.6% of the homes are built with makeshift materials
  • 96.4% of families have a radio, television, and cell phones, even those living in poverty
  • In 2015, 5.8% of the population earned their livelihood from fishing, 51% in services, and 21% in other types of businesses
  • Within the labor sector, 69% of jobs are filled by men and 35% by women
  • Between 2000 to 2010 Puerto Peñasco grew at an alarming rate, going from 31,000 residents to 57,000, particularly with many coming from other cities and states from across Mexico
  • From 2010 to 2015 the population grew from 57,000 to 62,000
  • There are 3200 businesses in town
  • historia-municipio-peñasco-3-1200x900 Puerto Peñasco by the numbershistoria-municipio-peñasco-4-1200x900 Puerto Peñasco by the numbershistoria-municipio-peñasco-1-1200x900 Puerto Peñasco by the numbers



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