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May 22, 2019

Puerto Peñasco – Arizona Liaison Office aims to strengthen relationships

By José Antonio Pérez

Just as the Sonora-Arizona Commission reaches its 60 year anniversary this year, legislators from Arizona and Puerto Peñasco have opened a liaison office in Puerto Peñasco with the goal of strengthening relationships and coordinating to better promote development, investment, and jobs.

The ribbon cutting ceremony, which took place March 8th at the office located inside Plaza del Sol on Blvd. Fremont, included participation of both U.S. and Mexican authorities, along with representatives from the Tohono O’odham nation.

enlace-AZ-plaza-del-sol-1200x674 Puerto Peñasco – Arizona Liaison Office aims to strengthen relationships

Carlos Gutiérrez Moreno, present on behalf of Sonora Governor Claudia Pavlovich’s administration, underscored the governor’s conviction that state and local governments be inclusive and therefore necessary in developing international policies.

Similarly, Arizona legislator César Chavez, stated that Arizona and Sonora are neighbors, though the relationship extends beyond just that as cemented with the opening of this office.

Arizona legislator and Foreign Affairs Chair for the Arizona House of Representatives, Tony Rivero, highlighted this Liaison Office is the result of almost two years of coordinated efforts working in conjunction with the administration of Mayor Kiko Munro. He added that even though there may be disagreements at the federal level between Mexico and the United States, this is a clear example there is an understanding to work together at a local level.

Puerto Peñasco Mayor Ernesto “Kiko” Munro described the bi-national effort as a historical event that helps solidify Puerto Peñasco as an example in consolidating development and job creation.

City Councilman Alan Renteria has been put in charge of the liaison office.



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