Puerto Peñasco and the “New Normal”

“Peñasco has done and will do everything in its power to keep Peñasco healthy”  – Mayor Kiko Munro 5.30.20

After nearly two months of shelter in place guidelines, on May 11th Puerto Peñasco officials unveiled their Phasing in proposal as to how to reopen the local economy.  A few days later (May 13th), the Federal government indicated while the nation’s “Healthy Distance” (Sana Distancia) campaign would wrap up at the end of the month, this would lead to the implementation of a National health risk assessment “Stoplight” as part of the “New Normal” to indicate State and Regional health risk levels, along with guidelines for opening up economic, cultural, and social activities.

Following an agreement reached with the Sonora State Health office, on June 3rd Puerto Peñasco was indeed able to implement its Phase II strategy allowing for: 40% capacity dining service at restaurants and other expanded protocols for taco shops and food stands; reduced numbers of people at houses of worship under strict health protocols; expanded use of city’s recreational area known as “El Ovalo” by appointment: 638 113 3300; and allowing for wake/funeral services with a maximum of 10 people in attendance.  The steps implemented in Phase II in Puerto Peñasco did not include all of the measures proposed in early May, yet it is a step forward in reopening certain parts of the local economy.

Mexico’s National “Semaforo de Alerta”, which went into effect on June 1st, consists of red, orange, yellow, and green indicators as to what parts of society can gradually reopen across the country. The first “Alert Stoplight” put 31 out of Mexico’s 32 states in red – or rather at maximum risk – with only Zacatecas in orange (high risk). The “alert stoplight” is to be reevaluated and presented weekly (Fridays) as Mexico moves forward through this New Normal.

13-mayo-semaforo-de-riesgos-especial Puerto Peñasco and the “New Normal”
National Risk Stoplight indicators

Sonora Governor Claudia Pavlovich, along with State Health Secretary Enrique Clausen and Dr. Luis Núñez Noriega, Sonora Chair on Economic Reactivation, have all stated that Sonora will follow Federal guidelines, and complement these with a “Covid-19 Risk Chart” per municipality to strengthen the gradual reopening process. This chart, detailed the Sonora Secretary of Health in his May 31st nightly updating on Covid cases in the state, will allow for them to identify health risks more rapidly for residents in the most populated municipalities in the state.

vehicle-mobility-sonora-june-1-1200x568 Puerto Peñasco and the “New Normal”
Vehicle Mobility Chart – Sonora average “Covid-19 Risk Chart” between April 27 – June 1st

As of June 2nd, according to the Sonora State Secretary of Health:

Confirmed coronavirus cases in Sonora (from March 16th to present):   2704 / Deaths:  224 / Recoveries: 334 / Overall testing in Sonora:  5720

* Puerto Peñasco cases: 7          Deaths:  1

2-junio-testing-and-stats Puerto Peñasco and the “New Normal” 2-junio-sonora-casos-defunciones Puerto Peñasco and the “New Normal” 2-junio-sonora Puerto Peñasco and the “New Normal”



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