Proposed water project seeks to implement micro-measurement

By José Antonio Pérez

Construction of a sea-water desalination plant in Puerto Peñasco, expected to begin operations in 2021, will require metering water use levels in order to charge consumers fairly and effectively, reports Jorge Pivac Carrillo, Administrative Director of the Municipal Water Office (OOMAPAS).

Pivac Carrillo explained while a micro-measuring project has been presented to the National Water Commission, this has not yet materialized. This same project will also be presented to the North American Development Bank, with the goal of obtaining financing to purchase meters.

Jorge Pivac explained very few homes currently have OOMAPAS meters as domestic water service is not measured by consumption but rather a fixed rate. However, to date nearly 1200 meters have been installed at resort residential, commercial, and industrial areas since last year.

The proposed project consists of an investment of approximately 10 million pesos, enabling micro-measurement at as many of the city’s over 24,000 water outlets as possible.



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