Preparations for 2022 turtle nesting season

The 2022 sea turtle nesting season in Puerto Peñasco is fast approaching. This means local environmental and federal maritime agencies are on permanent alert for reports of sightings and prepared to detect, care for, and (as applicable) conserve turtle eggs to help guarantee hatching prospects.

Luis César García González, local director of the Federal Maritime Land Zone (ZOFEMAT), detailed steps are also underway to seek federal accreditation of Puerto Peñasco as a Turtle Center. This, in turn, would strengthen efforts to protect fauna and the environment.

tortugas-turtles-nov-2019-1-1200x800 Preparations for 2022 turtle nesting season

Current strategies to detect possible sea turtle nests, while complying with safety and environmental protocols, is a coordinated effort involving ZOFEMAT, PROFEPA (Federal Environmental Protection), Grupo Vidanta (Mayan), CEDO (Intercultural Center for the Study of Deserts and Oceans), the Puerto Peñasco Clean Beach Committee, and staff from resorts and developments themselves.

Last year’s sea turtle nesting and hatching season led to the release of 497 baby sea turtles in Puerto Peñasco, after 614 eggs from 6 nests were gathered and placed into incubation.  For the past several years, local sea turtle egg recovery efforts have been carried out via PROFEPA and other institutions, and the skillful biologist Itzel Cárdenas of Grupo Vidanta.

To report sightings of sea turtles coming ashore to nest, or for any other marine wildlife matters, contact ZOFEMAT  638 383 4226, ZOFEMAT Biologist Humberto Gonzalez at 638 105 7501, or report to 911.



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