Pirates, Mermaids and Zydeco coming April 18th

Do you love the Mermaids Arts Market?  Well, the Pirate and Mermaid Extravaganza will be happening again this year! The date is Saturday, April 18th.
mermaids-pirates-april18-630x497 Pirates, Mermaids and Zydeco coming April 18thThis year organizers Russ & Naomi Black have invited the super fun cajun & zydeco Bayou Brothers from San Diego with their “music for your feet”!  In addition to a short set at the park in amidst the other activities of the Pirate Mermaid Extravaganza, the Bayou Brothers will present a full concert at Banditos on Saturday night. Music starts at 6 p.m. and “they will play until nobody is left dancing…”
The daytime event will include the Mermaid’s Market Art market as usual, along with extra events: An informal Fashion Show and the popular Costume Contests (Pirate or Mermaid) for adults and children. The Satisfied Frog will be bringing back their popular Cajun recipes and there will be Blue Mermaid Margaritas and New Orleans-style Hurricanes and of course, beer and wine. The entire day at the park is open to the public and will be great fun.

Then, Bayou Brothers will play at Banditos starting at 6 pm. We will have tickets on sale at each Mermaid’s Market starting this Saturday.

General Admission plus Sponsor Packages​

$10 US prior to show  ($15 at the door)

VIP Balcony seating

​(​​with ​private​ bar & food service available) – $30 US

“Friends of the Mermaid” sponsor package $150 US  (*this is for 2 people)

  • Lunch and Drinks for 2  people at the park during the daytime event
  • Reserved shaded seats at the park during the daytime event
  • ​One ballot to be a Guest Judge for our Pirate & Mermaid Costume contests
  • 2 VIP Tickets at Banditos for the evening show
Please tell your friends!
This would be a great time for them to come and visit Rocky Point!
Each Mermaid’s Market, including this event also benefits the local DIF office.
Contact Russ or Naomi for more information:  mexiconaomi@gmail.com



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