Phoenix-Peñasco flight promos to start in July

By José Antonio Pérez

The president of the Puerto Peñasco Visitors & Convention Bureau (OCV), Hector Vazquez del Mercado, is confident renewal of aerial connectivity between Puerto Peñasco and Phoenix will allow for exploration of new tourism markets to complement existing ones.  With this in mind, he reported, July will see the national and international launch of promotional flight packages for the Swift Air Travel services set to begin October 5th.

The OCV President acknowledged the tremendous work of Grupo Vidanta in helping bring this renewed aerial connectivity to fruition, along with the support from the State Government, noting the Phoenix-Puerto Peñasco flight is welcomed news for this destination.


Puerto Peñasco anticipates economic upturn through sea and air tourism

Oscar Palacio Soto, regional representative for the Hotel & Motel Association of Sonora, expressed the reopening of commercial flights to Puerto Peñasco with Swift Air Travel along with the expected introduction of a cruise line in coming years via Cruise & Maritime Voyages, will attract tourists with greater economic potential and complement the existing number of visitors who come by land.  Palacio Soto added not only will Puerto Peñasco receive more tourists, aerial and maritime connectivity will encourage an economic uptick by dispersing resources and creating business opportunities.

Swift Air Travel, with flights to Puerto Peñasco to begin in October, has a flight capacity for up to 150 passengers. Cruise & Maritime Voyages, which is looking to Puerto Peñasco as a possibility for 2020, has a capacity for up to 1500 passengers. Both, emphasized Palacio, represent a good start for Puerto Peñasco in markets that have not been possible till now.

Palacio Soto underscored the importance of tightening collaboration and coordination between private initiative and all three levels of government, in attracting the most investments possible for Puerto Peñasco. Beyond announcing the arrival of flights and cruise opportunities to the area, these must be sustained and strengthened to ensure they create a positive impact.



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