Phase I: Puerto Peñasco to start reopening May 18th

Phase I   May 18th – May 31st    Puerto Peñasco

Businesses that can open* Evening curfew (siren) remains in effect at 10 p.m. * Only 1 person per car (IF it is essential there are two, the second person must be in back seat and both individuals with nose/mouth coverings (masks))

*Must have a signed “Carta de Compromiso” (Commitment Letter) with the Municipal Health Authorities – which includes inspection, sanitizing, and health protocols. Contact via FB Gobierno de Puerto Peñasco as well as the local Chamber of Commerce for further details in order to prevent delays, fines, or indefinite closures   For questions or comments, contact the Office of Economic Development 638 108 2200 9 am – 1 pm.

  1. Businesses that work by appointment, only one person at a time (salons, beauty shops, barber shops, spa, car wash, workshops (mechanic, electrician, etc.)
  2. Businesses that can deliver products to residences or with a reduced number of clientele in establishment (only two at a time): beauty supply distributors, paper supply shops, florists, small neighborhood convenience stores, electronics, furniture, fumigation, window and paint shops, dry cleaners and laundry, shoe stores, clothing stores, jewelry, and similar ones that apply
  3. Construction – limited number of workers depending on construction site 1 worker per every 25m2, no dining hall, transportation of no more than 9 people (also pertains to related businesses such as gravel pits, cement and block suppliers)
  4. Street vendors – in urban area only NOT tourist areas (not Malecon or beach)
  5. Access to public areas: La Milla sports complex – Reserved times 5 am – 8 pm & 5 pm – 8 pm  Reserve spot: 638 113 3300 (No cost)  – Must adhere to health measures including: nose/mouth coverings (masks), gloves, safe distances between people, and maximum 50 people/hour
phase-1-may-18-31 Phase I: Puerto Peñasco to start reopening May 18th



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