Pet Effect fundraiser surpasses goals

The team from Efecto Mascota (Pet Effect) animal shelter currently has 45 dogs and 3 cats up for adoption, among these quite a number of puppies!  To assist with food and other needs at the shelter, this past weekend a number of Efecto Mascota volunteers got together to put on a delicious fundraising breakfast, held in the spacious facilities of Los Juanes in the Mirador.

pet-effect-results Pet Effect fundraiser surpasses goalsOrganizers were pleased with the turn out, noting they had sold all of the over 100 tickets printed, plus welcomed at least another 15 or so people for the 9 a.m. – 12 p.m. buffet.  In all, about $10,500 pesos were raised at the morning event, which will go toward food, vaccination shots, and sterilization.

Founded in March 2011, Efecto Mascota’s main goal is to help address the overpopulation of dogs and cats across Puerto Peñasco, while promoting a pet friendly culture that helps teach new generations about the importance of spaying and neutering their pets. Over these three years they have worked with, provided shots for, and either spayed or neutered 365 dogs and 42 cats.

Efecto Mascota SOS (Pet Effect) is supported principally through donations, the valuable time of volunteers, as well as minimal funds that come from the Rocky Pet Hotel which Pet Effect founder Ariadna Zavala Villalón began just over a year ago (Hours: 8 a.m. – 5 p.m. Monday-Saturday, 102-0585).

Efecto Mascota S.O.S.

Brindar apoyo para cumplir con las necesidades del albergue Efecto Masocta fue el propósito principal del desayuno para recaudar fondos, celebrado este pasado sábado, 5 de abril, en las instalaciones del restaurante Los Juanes en el Mirador.

pet-effect-esterilizar Pet Effect fundraiser surpasses goalsLas organizadoras reportan que lograron vender los 105 boletos que habían planeado, y recibieron la visita de otra docena de personas interesadas en apoyar su causa.

La fundación Efecto Mascota se formó en marzo de 2011 con el propósito de ayudar con la sobrepoblación de perros y gatos en Puerto Peñasco, y con el anhelo de promover la cultura del cuidado a los animales y educar a las nuevas generaciones de la importancia de la esterilización.

En estos 3 años de lucha contra el maltrato y el abandono, han logrado rehabilitar, vacunar, y esterilizar a 365 perros y 42 gatos. Por el momento, tienen disponibles para adopción 45 perros y 3 gatos.



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