Peñasco’s plan to reopen beaches August 1st

Press Release – 0492

With inclusion of Federal “Technical Health Safety Guidelines”, the city of Puerto Peñasco has presented its Work Plan for the reopening of beaches on August 1st. This is based on the state guide for building a new normality due to Covid-19.

Puerto Peñasco mayor Kiko Munro detailed the plan, developed by the Office on Ecology and Sustainable Development along with the Federal Maritime Land Zone and the local Clean Beach Committee, provides guidelines for beach and recreational use of Playa Hermosa, Cholla Bay, and other spots, adding the beach in front of Manny’s Beach Club in the Mirador will be regulated by Blue Flag Covid-19 protocols, as it recently earned Blue Flag status.

In general

Hours: Exercising along the beach will be possible from 6 am – 8 am, as well as 5 pm – 7 pm.  Recreational use of beaches in general will be from 8 am – 7 pm.

Use of masks is mandatory for entry to beach and when interacting with beach vendors or others. Mask use not necessary in water, or within individual space on beach.

Groups must not exceed 10 in accordance with Federal social distancing recommendations.

People are asked to bring a plastic bag or container in order to remove all trash.

Glass bottles (for alcohol or otherwise) will not be allowed, as Covid-19 can remain on glass for up to 3 days, plus glass is one of the most frequent types of trash left on area beaches. Cigarette butts, which may retain saliva, must also be disposed of separately.

Playa Hermosa

Marcia Ortega, General Director for the Municipal Clean Beach Committee, along with local ZOFEMAT director César García, explained access to Playa Hermosa will include health monitoring and controls that have been in place at the entry filter to Puerto Peñasco. This will include limited access based on capacity, as well as tides.

semana-santa-2017-puerto-peñasco-20-1200x800 Peñasco's plan to reopen beaches August 1st

The only access to Playa Hermosa will be the northern entrance known as “Bajada de los Guardado”.  This entry point will include a sanitary tunnel, thermal cameras, antibacterial gel, random rapid tests, and other health protocols.

People will be dispersed along the 800 meter stretch of Playa Hermosa, which will be divided into 4 sections. There will be a registry of the number of tents and shades – which must not exceed 5 people per tent, and groups in general must not exceed 10 in accordance with Federal social distancing recommendations.

Rental and individual tents/umbrellas will be set up in checkerboard form, with at least 3 meters between them. People are asked to bring a plastic bag or container in order to remove all trash.  When leaving the beach, a special container will be provided by authorities for separate disposal of gloves and masks.

Sandy Beach

Each resort / hotel will be responsible for ensuring compliance with social distancing guidelines issued by the Federal government. In addition, they must make sure there is no agglomeration of people and monitor capacity along their beach front, reporting any incidents to corresponding authorities.

El Mirador

The entry points to Mi Playa, Nayarit and Morelos will remain closed, only access ways will be through Manny’s Beach Club and Pitahaya.  Protocols established under the international Blue Flag guidelines will apply to the beach in front of Manny’s Beach Club.

East beaches

las-conchas-beach-view-630x215 Peñasco's plan to reopen beaches August 1st

For the beaches of Miramar, San Jorge, Playa Encanto, Las Conchas, Morua Estuary, the area beyond Tessoro, oyster farm area, (as well as Cerro Prieto to the west), ongoing monitoring routes to be in effect, and support requested from private safety staff. These beaches do not generally represent large crowds given their distance from the city center and difficult access. Maximum groups of 10 people, following Federal guidelines.

La Cholla

Access to be controlled at Public Safety booth located at entry to Cholla, preventive closures to take place depending on capacity and tides.  Maximum groups of 10 people at Cholla estuary, Cholla Bay, Pelican Point. Social distancing between individual tents and vehicles.

IMG_5709-630x419 Peñasco's plan to reopen beaches August 1st

Beach Vendors

Beach vendors and beach goers in general must carry a plastic bag/container to remove waste from beach.

Beach vendor entry: 6 am – 8 am  Exit: 6 pm – 7 pm; mandatory use of masks (nose/mouth coverings), social distancing between clients and stand, use of antibacterial gel for vendors and clients, mandatory hand washing system, mandatory use of some type of mechanism to ensure social distancing, no waiters or attendants permitted, maximum one assistant per cart (must stay with cart), ongoing cleaning of chairs, tables, and lounge chairs, mandatory use of recipient for cigarette butts/ashtrays. Vendors may not remain in same place for too long

IMG_20180527_130219751-900x1200 Peñasco's plan to reopen beaches August 1st



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