89 °F Puerto Penasco, MX
August 21, 2019

Peñasco upholds Day of the Dead traditions

By José Antonio Pérez

Families across Puerto Peñasco upheld Day of the Dead traditions last week, filling the city’s three cemeteries with people, life, and color.

As hundreds of people flocked to the city cemeteries, the generally solitary and even eerie environment radically changed with the presence of flowers, wreaths, and the comings and goings of those visiting loved ones.  The smell of flowers, combined with that of new paint, and traditional treats on sale mixed together as young and old busily cleaned-up, decorated, and repaired tombs.

Some of the notable differences this year included the apparent increase in visitors to the cemeteries, with insufficient parking, while tents set up helped counteract the strong effect of the sun. Public Services reported four water tanks had been sent out to the area cemeteries to ensure service throughout the day.



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