Peñasco Phase II expands opportunities for restaurants & local businesses

fase-ii-penasco-1200x1200 Peñasco Phase II expands opportunities for restaurants & local businesses

Puerto Peñasco mayor Ernesto Kiko Munro confirmed the launch of Phase II of the city’s “Activate Peñasco” plan, with firm steps to continue reviving the local economy in a gradual, healthy, and safe manner.

The mayor specified Phase II, from June 1st – 15th, to complement steps made in Phase I, the following may open at 40% capacity (this was reaffirmed on June 3rd after fine tuning some points between State and local officials): cafés, restaurants, taco shops, pizza parlors, fruit and smoothie spots, as well as furniture stores.

The mayor added the recreation area known as the “Ovalo” will also have minimum hours, with maximum 25 people per hour, 5 am – 8 am and 5 pm to 8 pm Spots can be reserved at 638 113 3300. This is similar to “La Milla” requirements from Phase I (which is still only 50 people per hour).

In addition, there is now opportunity for workshops or courses to be held with a maximum of 30 people, and social gatherings with a maximum of 10, stressing this is for local residents and the city is NOT open for tourism.

Kiko Munro noted activities will be monitored by staff from Public Safety, the Municipal Health Office, and the Municipal Sports Institute, to ensure strict compliance with mandatory health measures including use of nose/mouth coverings (masks, antibacterial gel, and safe social distancing.

The mayor detailed during the city’s Phase I of the reactivation plan, from May 18th – May 31st, 876 businesses or individuals signed the required Letter of Commitment in order to be able to reopen, of these 750 have gone through the required training led by Civil Protection, and more than 500 establishments sanitized. This means, he furthered, the reactivation of over 3500 jobs, and expectations for another 1000 people to reenter the local workforce during Phase II.

As part of plans to reactivate Puerto Peñasco’s economy, beginning June 4th the City will start to receive requests from businesses and individuals looking to open June 16th, which is the expected date for the city to enter Phase III. This will help streamline the process.

“Once again,” emphasized the mayor, “I ask for everyone to be disciplined and committed so that this important step can lead us into the third phase of recovering a sense of normal life in Puerto Peñasco. Just as we’ve had the strength to stay at home and care for our families, now we must have the same strength and discipline for this new phase. No letting our guard down.”

ROCKYPOINT360 additional note: For ANY business (restaurant, upcoming openings, etc.) you MUST follow the steps outlined by City including

1. Letter of Commitment (available at Economic Development Office at City Hall 8 am – 3 pm)

2. Participate in course provided by Protección Civil on health guidelines (receive certificate)

3. Have establishment sanitized – this is free (if done by City / Protección Civil) or once you reach this step, you can contract a local business (who also could REALLY use the business) and then have Protección Civil verify. THESE ARE NECESSARY STEPS FOR ANY BUSINESS/RESTAURANT PLANNING TO REOPEN.



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