Peñasco mourns loss of brothers after drownings in Cholla

Sunday afternoon brought tragedy to the area of Cholla Bay after a couple from Guadalajara, Jalisco fell into the water from a jet-ski, followed by residents jumping in to try and rescue them.  Two of the would-be rescuers succumbed to the waters of the Sea of Cortez, while one person from the jet-ski was taken to the hospital and the body of a fourth individual was discovered later on Sunday evening.

The unfortunate event, which claimed the lives of brothers Cruz Domingo Martínez Jiménez (49) and Óscar Martínez Jiménez (47), took place about 3:30 p.m., reported to 911 from the area near JJ’s in Cholla Bay.

Emergency personnel immediately responded and were able to pull three people from the water, though two had already passed, the third – a woman – was taken to the General Hospital. The body of the woman’s husband was later recovered following a search by the Mexican Navy.



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