Peñasco strengthening ties with Sister City Ruidoso, NM

In sharing characteristics as tourist areas, along with the experience of having an ebb and flow of residents with second homes,  Puerto Peñasco and its sister city Ruidoso, NM continue  to seek ways to strengthen cultural, tourism, educational, and infrastructure ties after initially signing a Sister Cities Agreement in April of this year.

During a press conference this past Friday, Ruidoso Municipal Clerk Irma Devine, along with Community Development Director Greg Cory and councilman John Cornelius, noted similarities between the Village of Ruidoso located in south central NM (approximately 10 hours driving time) and Puerto Peñasco on the Sea of Cortez.  These include having a relatively small full-time population yet with thousands of tourists that make their way to the area each year, particularly in Ruidoso’s case given its agreeable year-round climate, skiing opportunities, as well as a number of outdoor activities.  It’s worth noting that while many visit Ruidoso for its mountains and skiing, Puerto Peñasco is the closest beach opportunity to Ruidoso!

The fluctuating populations of both Ruidoso and Puerto Peñasco lend to sharing experiences of dealing with infrastructure, aging water lines, and in addressing a variety of needs for both residents and visitors.

During this lightning visit to Puerto Peñasco, the Ruidoso visitors sought to visit local attractions while also taking time to meet with representatives from the local administration, members of the local Chamber of Commerce, as well as educational leaders in seeking to provide opportunities for cultural, technological, business, and educational exchanges.

Peñasco Economic Development Director Jorge Valdez, along with incoming Tourism Director Luis Altamirano, accompanied the Ruidoso visitors throughout the day as they met with Mayor Kiko Munro, explored the Pinacate Biosphere Reserve as well as hotel/condo complexes and progress on the Home Port, before taking in some of the arts at the weekend’s Cervantino festivities where they were honored with a special recognition.



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