Peñasco in the Major Leagues / A home run for 3rd YSF Coaches Clinic

baseball-clinics Peñasco in the Major Leagues / A home run for 3rd YSF Coaches Clinic
Photo: IMDP

This past Saturday, Jan. 14, the 3rd edition of the YSF/IMDP “Puerto Peñasco in the Major Leagues” baseball clinic was a true hit!  More than 150 children and young baseball players from Puerto Peñasco joined either the morning or afternoon sessions where they honed up their skills, learning techniques and tips from a group of professional baseball players. As reported earlier in the week, the players/coaches included: Scott Steinman from the Seattle Mariners, Henry “Turbo” Cotto of the San Francisco Giants, Andrew Lorraine of the California Angels, Brent Johnson of the Seattle Mariners who coaches with the Peoria Mariners, Ryan White who spent a season with the Everett Aquasox and began coaching professionally in 2011, Pete Hartmann of the Texas Rangers who also has played internationally both in Italy and within the Mexican baseball leagues, Eddie Menchaca who played 5 seasons in the minor leagues with the Seattle Mariners, and Carlos Esquer who was a pitcher throughout college.

The coaches worked with the young “beisbolistas” throughout the day, creating a purely unique and unforgettable experience. One of these treasured memories was when Henry “Turbo” Cotto showed off his World Series championship ring and explained to the children that this was made possible through discipline and dedication to the sport. It was an exciting day for all!

Prior to the baseball clinic, many people from the community were on hand for the official inauguration of the San Rafael Athletic facilities located in the eastern part of the city. Municipal, State, and Federal officials were part of the inauguration, along with the special invited baseball guests. The new facilities include soccer fields, basketball courts, baseball fields, and playground equipment. This is a very important athletic center within one of the poorest areas of Puerto Peñasco, and the community came out to admire the new recreational area for children, youth, and adults. Throughout the morning, and prior to the baseball clinic, the facilities were alive with basketball scrimmages, as well as presentations of taekwondo, weight lifting, karate, and boxing.

At the end of the clinic, the eight invited coaches presented the participating children with baseball equipment as they had brought down two pick-ups filled with equipment to donate (gloves, bats, balls, helmets, caps, uniforms, and more). They also honored the city’s Mayor with a jersey from the Seattle Mariners and another from the San Francisco Giants.  Peñasco Mayor Alejandro Zepeda Munro presented recognitions to the coaches for their spirit and important participation in the clinic. He also acknowledged Rick Busa, President of the Youth Sports Foundation, for his tremendous work in having organized this event over the past three years. Another key figure in helping to make this event possible was Fernando López Trasvína of the Municipal Sports Institute (IMDP).

Play ball!  (Be sure to check out the pics in our Photo Gallery from the event!)



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