Peñasco Hotels begin careful preparations for eventual re-opening

By José Antonio Pérez

Several Puerto Peñasco hotels have begun preparations for their eventual re-opening, affirms Sonora Hotel & Motel representative Oscar Palacio Soto, but before that, their main concern is the health and safety of guests.

Palacio highlighted representatives from area hotels have been in contact and all agree they cannot address the economic situation without first being certain the risk of Covid-19 infection is at a minimum.

Even though there is talk of setting a reopening date for mid-June (Phase III), once a concrete date is defined this will have to be made known with enough time in advance so they can start taking potential reservations.

Palacio reminded everyone that at least 90% of the 1,500 hotel rooms in Puerto Peñasco are completely closed due to the pandemic. He also underscored while recovery will take a long time, it was a responsible measure to close all hotels and resorts when they did in order to ensure the health of Puerto Peñasco residents.



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