Peñasco Business Coalition Founded to Promote Travel to Region

 New organization formed by local property and business owners will publicize Rocky Point’s amenities, activities, and culture

Puerto Peñasco, Sonora, Mexico (February 6, 2020) – A new organization has formed to promote travel and leisure in Puerto Peñasco, Mexico, commonly known in the United States as Rocky Point. The Peñasco Business Coalition was founded by local property and business owners to drive tourism and travel investment in the popular beach community on the Sea of Cortez.

The Coalition’s stated goal is to concentrate marketing and public relations efforts specifically on American audiences living in Arizona and California. The first example of this effort was encouraging U.S.-based media to cover Rocky Point’s maiden cruise ship voyage, resulting in numerous articles and segments on radio and television.

“Anyone that hasn’t been to Rocky Point in a few years may be surprised to see how the community has grown and all there is to do,” said Keith Allen, Director of Sales of Encantame Towers, a new condo development that is being constructed south of Rocky Point and a founding member of the Peñasco Business Coalition. “The number of amenities throughout the community has grown dramatically, and still Rocky Point retains its casual and intimate feel, pristine beaches, and friendly locals.”

In recent history, Rocky Point has seen a great deal of success when it comes to investment and development. From 2000 to the present day, Rocky Point’s population doubled from 31,000 to more than 62,000. Annual visitors to the region have also increased, growing to more than 2.15 million in 2019.

“With so many transplants to the Southwest from other parts of the U.S., there’s a huge number of people who’ve yet to experience the charm of Rocky Point first-hand,” said Steve Schwab, Founder and President of Casago, a leading property management and vacation rentals company and founding member of the Peñasco Business Coalition. “This newly created Coalition will promote Rocky Point as a safe, wonderful beach vacation destination with tons to do all year long, and it’s just a short drive for many Americans living in Arizona and California.”

The Peñasco Business Coalition will promote the area’s many events, attractions, accommodations, and activities, including the launch of the area’s first cruise line, as well as share advice for traveling during popular holidays such as spring break, summer holidays, and Thanksgiving.

“Our goal is to make sure that Americans have accurate and up to date information on the realities of traveling to safe destinations in Mexico, such as Rocky Point,” added Allen. “We want all would-be visitors to Rocky Point to feel confident and excited for any travel here.”



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