Pardon our dust! Progress on Blvd. Juarez

Two lanes have been opened up to traffic on the east side of Blvd. Juarez while work continues on painting curbs and sidewalks. This, remarks current Director of Public Projects José Luis Villalobos, represents a 90% advance on the project to renovate entry along Blvd. Juarez into Puerto Peñasco, which is expected to wrap up in the next 3 weeks.

Pavement on another section of Blvd. Juarez, extending along the side of Shrimp Plaza and toward the Old Port, is ongoing and the road remains closed for now. When heading to Old Port, access is available on Calle Luis Encinas (in front of movie theater) and to get to Blvd. Fremont the detour takes vehicles on the dirt road behind Bancomer and the East side of Shrimp Plaza (spilling out near the Fire Department).

Another stretch that remains under repair is the curve near the anchor statue toward the malecón, progress on which has advanced about 65%. Yet, Calle Luis Encinas behind the Municipal Auditorium is open and newly repaved. Paving work on the “anchor curve” is expected to be completed within the next 40 days.

Blvd. Samuel Ocaña, which is also part of the city’s ambitious program to repave streets using hydraulic concrete, is open on both sides to help ease traffic in that area. Roadwork on Blvd. Ocaña has reached the railroad tracks, though access road toward Sandy Beach is not yet open along that stretch (we recommend turning on Av. Constitución which links back up with Ave. No Reelección).DSC_4624-630x481 Pardon our dust! Progress on Blvd. Juarez



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