Pardon our dust: Overpass & Detours

Due to current work on the overpass just north of town, a number of detours have been set up to point travelers around the Sonoyta – Puerto Peñasco – and Gulf of Santa Clara “intersection”, which is also linked to the Puerto Peñasco – Caborca highway.

If you are traveling from Sonoyta, near the point where the three highways meet a first detour will lead you to a compacted dirt stretch that links back up again with the main highway toward Puerto Peñasco.

Current work in the area is being done on the structure which will become the overpass, consisting of 15 pilings that will sustain a viaduct. Once the work is complete, this overpass will help prevent traffic accidents along this vital part of the highway.

Along Blvd. Juarez, the principal road into town when coming in off the Sonoyta highway, additional detour signs may be found at the first stoplight (currently not in use, but rather a four-way stop during construction). Remain alert to two way lanes on one side of median while final touches are put on that stretch of the road.

Similarly, when driving to Puerto Peñasco from Caborca, remain alert to going around construction on the detours as highway work is (finally [Sami]) being done there.



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