Panadería Cornejo – Peñasco’s bread tradition

panaderia-cornejo-2-630x840 Panadería Cornejo – Peñasco’s bread traditionSipping a cup of coffee, paired with a pastry from Cornejo bakery, is a preferred tradition among many families in Puerto Peñasco who seek out good taste and the texture of rich bread.

Following more than 40 years of making pan dulce, white bread, and pastries, the Cornejo bakery has positioned itself as the oldest and most traditional bakery in the city, which also makes it a favorite among clients.

La Panadería Cornejo was founded in 1963 when Jesús María Cornejo González, originally from Zacatecas, bought a spot in the Old Port that had just begun to make bread. Cornejo took over and began to work with his wife Aurora Torres, and a few employees, who together made the bread business fruitful.

From the bakery’s ovens they began to turn out traditional Mexican “pan dulce” such as conchas, ojo de buey, polvorones, and cortadillo, along with rolls and cream-filled pastries of various flavors, much to the pleasure of the community of Puerto Peñasco.

Current owner, Guadalupe Cornejo Torres, the eighth of Jesús and Aurora’s eleven children, assures the Cornejo bakery continues to be a favorite among clients because their bread is made with quality elements including products sent from Mexicali and Tijuana, Baja California.

“We use quality ingredients: butter, milk, orange oil that we bring in, flour – which is the only thing we buy here, at Molino La Fama – that’s what makes the bread softer and more flavorful,” he explains. “We make bread every morning so that it’s fresh bread daily.”

Currently Panadería Cornejo has two locations, one located on Ignacio Comonfort between Javier Mina and Juventino Rosas (approximately four blocks west of Blvd. Josefa Ortiz de Dominguez ), and a second opened in 2013 in the area of Col. Lopez Portillo (Ave. Puerta de Ensenada 388).

A constant for the owner of Panadería Cornejo is that of offering a timely quality product, which is why the majority of “bread seekers” in town prefer Cornejo’s bread, not to mention schools where sandwiches with Cornejo bread are sold. Meanwhile, both Cornejo’s local clients and those from afar prefer the bakery’s pan dulce and white bread for special occasions.

As in the winter there are more requests for bread, the bakers at Cornejo must up production in order to meet demands. This is particularly true as Christmas and New Year’s dinners near, which are certainly accompanied with delicious rolls.

Now you know, if you’re looking for bread, Panadería Cornejo is an outstanding option! So how about that coffee with a traditional Mexican pastry on these chillier evenings?

  • Ignacio Comonfort, Col. Centro Sur, Puerto Peñasco, Sonora, Mexico
  • 383- 4257

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