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End to ban on bivalve mollusks

By José Antonio Perez

April 7, 2017.  The ban on sale or consumption of bivalve mollusks, which had been in place since the end of January, has finally been lifted by the State Commission Health Risk Protection (COESPRISSON). The ban had impacted consumption of bivalve mollusks (oysters, clams, mussels, snailfish, scallops, geoduck, pustulose ark shell, and “tichidas”) originating from San Luis Río Colorado and Puerto Peñasco.  COESPRISSON reported recent samples from the Sea of Cortez were free of toxins from the earlier “Red Tide” concerns.  Still, people are encouraged not to consume raw seafood.


2017 Semana Santa Safety Operative to begin Monday

Press Release

Puerto Peñasco, Sonora. April 7, 2017.  Accompanied by State Public Safety Secretary Adolfo García Morales, Mayor Kiko Munro detailed thanks to strong coordination between the three levels of government, Puerto Peñasco will have 200 security agents stationed along highways and beaches for the upcoming Semana Santa vacation break, as well as spots of high tourism traffic across the city. He explained the Semana Santa Safety Operative would begin on Monday, April 10th, noting estimates point to at least 140,000 tourists to visit this beach destination during peak days.  Public Safety Secretary García Morales remarked at least 40 members of the Police Academy and State Police will be on hand to strengthen preventive and monitoring efforts. The 2017 Semana Santa Operative will include members of Municipal Public Safety, the Tourist Auxiliary Unit, State Investigative Police, State Police, the Red Cross, Fire Department and Civil Protection, the Federal Police, and the Navy, along with several rescue crews from other offices and support units.


Red Cross emergency units over Semana Santa

By Azucena Mazón

April 5, 2017. To provide more immediate attention in cases of emergency, the local Red Cross will set up five points across the city during the upcoming Semana Santa vacation period:

  • Area of Playa Bonita next to Club Naval (ambulance and four-wheeler)
  • Entrance to the Reef on Sandy Beach
  • Fire Station 3 in front of Cemetary #2 at the end of Simón Morúa
  • Benito Juárez and Lázaro Cárdenas (annual Red Cross collection spot)
  • Red Cross office on Blvd. Fremont

Civil Protection and units from the National Emergency Commission will be set up at entry points to the city.


Red Cross encourages respect for fundraising drive

By José Antonio Perez

The annual Red Cross fundraising drive, which lasts from March 14 – May 30, aims to collect more than 457,000 pesos locally. In addition to encouraging the community and visitors to donate to the annual drive, local Red Cross board president Julio César Valenzuela emphasizes respect for fundraiser volunteers stationed across the city.  He noted in addition to the more than 60 emergency responders and volunteers, past fundraising efforts have helped the local Red Cross increase its vehicle pool to 6 ambulances and its facilities have undergone extensive rehabilitation and improvements.




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