Osprey rescued after strong June winds

osprey Osprey rescued after strong June winds

By José Antonio Pérez

An osprey was rescued at a house in Laguna Shores on Sunday, June 24th, thanks to emergency call that. Strong winds apparently knocked the bird into a home at Laguna Shores, whose owners promptly called 911 which in turn notified Animal Control.

Animal Control director Erick Francisco Gastélum Pacheco detailed following rescue protocol, they were able to safely capture the bird and, after examination, determine it had an injury on its chest. The osprey was then to undergo medical treatment and most likely be released in the next couple of days.

Fortunately, there has been considerable progress when it come to the reporting of a wild animal within the urban area. Last year, there were reports leading to the rescue of a coyote, sea lion, desert fox, and a red-tailed hawk.

The Animal Control officer detailed if one were to spot a wild animal, such as the osprey in this case, recommendations are to not try and trap it, but rather notify C4 Health Office (by calling 911).



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