OOMAPAS assures water supply through summer

Puerto Peñasco’s 11 potable water wells are all currently operating, reports the Municipal Potable Water, Sewage, and Sanitation Office (OOMAPAS). At 400 liters of water per second, this is sufficient to adequately meet the city’s summer water demand, emphasized OOMAPAS General Director Hesdín Soto Lizárraga.

Given water needs of residents and tourists alike, prior to the high temperature season the department performed maintenance and rehabilitation work to ensure operating capacity for the entire city, noted Soto Lizárraga.  Ongoing repairs on city lines have strengthened the department’s ability to continually supply water pumped from the Agua Zarca and Kennedy catch areas.

The OOMAPAS General Director noted summer generally sees a 50% to 60% in water demand, so she is also calling on the entire community to not waste any of the precious water supply.

Please contact OOMAPAS directly for any situation that arises regarding water shortages, etc. : 638 107 1474   OOMAPAS offices are located at:  Calle Río Bravo entre Av. Eduardo Ibarra y Los Ángeles S/n, Col. Brisas del Golfo



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