Ongoing awareness to keep Peñasco’s beaches cleanest along coast

By José Antonio Pérez

Carlos Decina Torres, Director of Sanitary Control for the Sonoran State Health Risk Protection Commission (COESPRISSON) announced ongoing monitoring and studies show that Puerto Peñasco proudly has the cleanest and safest beaches along the Sonoran coast, adding tourists can be certain both the sea and beaches are free of pollution that could put the health of beach-goers at risk.  Water samples tested from the areas of Playa Encanto, Playa Bonita, El Mirador, Sandy Beach and La Cholla, which are among those most frequented by visitors, corroborated the beaches are clean and do not present significant health risks.

Decina Torres emphasized these results should encourage residents and visitors alike to help keep beaches as clean as possible. He recognized the need to promote a culture regarding the care of beaches, noting there is still time to raise awareness.

At the same time, César García González of the Federal Maritime Land Zone (ZOFEMAT) noted the enormous amount of tourism along the city’s beaches this summer has doubled the amount of trash, with the removal of between 10 to 15 tons of waste each weekend. Packed beaches, he added, unfortunately means dirtier beaches.

ZOFEMAT, together with local service provider unions, have strengthened clean-up efforts through use of an additional squad. Along with trash left behind by beachgoers, noted the ZOFEMAT Director, there has been a recent accumulation of fish parts coming off fishing boats. The Federal Environmental Protection Agency (PROFEPA) has been notified so it can take necessary measures.

García González underscored ongoing work is being carried out along city beaches, with the firm goal of guaranteeing healthy swimming spots, but above all in maintaining the Clean Beach certification awarded in March this year for an area extending along Sandy Beach from Playa Bonita to Las Palomas.




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