One World Medics donates Ambulance to local Red Cross

The local Red Cross recently received the welcome donation of a 2014 Ford model ambulance from the U.S. non-profit “One World Medics,” headquartered in Fort Wayne, Indiana.  Prior to the formal presentation, the refurbished vehicle had actually been in service locally for a few months.

On April 7th, One World Medics founder Bryan Peterson made the official delivery of the keys to the refurbished emergency vehicle to local Red Cross EMT Coordinator Rubén Barajas Jaime.

abril-2021-cruz-roja-ambulancia-1200x900 One World Medics donates Ambulance to local Red Cross

Barajas stressed the importance of the donation as the ambulance strengthens the Red Cross’ vehicle pool, which is reflected in benefits for the broader community of Puerto Peñasco and its visitors.  This donation brings the Red Cross’ ambulance pool to 6.

The local Red Cross EMT coordinator added that One World Medics, whose main mission is to “locate, retain, and refurbish emergency medical vehicles in order to then donate to third world communities”, has already donated 9 ambulances to different spots across Sonora and by the end of the year aims to have provided a total of 14.

The Red Cross in Puerto Peñasco is located on Blvd. Fremont, and can be contacted directly at 638 383 2266, or emergencies reported to 911



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