Officials launch 2019 Semana Santa Safety Operative

Puerto Peñasco, Sonora.  April 9, 2019.

More than 380 agents from the three levels of government, representing security departments along with volunteer service and emergency institutions, will participate in the 2019 Semana Santa Safety Operative from April 18th – 28th.  It is estimated over 135,000 visitors will make their way to Puerto Peñasco during this time, reported mayor Kiko Munro , accompanied by Sonora Governor Pavlovich Arellano at the launch of the vacation safety measure.

Together with Sonora Security Minister José David Anaya Cooley, as well as State Civil Protection Coordinator Alberto Flores Chong Puerto Peñasco Navy Rear Admiral Victor Manuel Alarcón Daowz, and Javier Uriostegui on behalf of the Sonoyta Military Garrison, the mayor thanked the Governor for coordination in seeking an incident free vacation period while safeguarding the safety and integrity of both residents and tourists.

The mayor emphasized his desire for Puerto Peñasco to continue to be the safest tourism destination in Sonora, encouraging all to be sure to use seat-belts, use the emergency 911 number as necessary, as well as respect traffic laws, among other points.

The Governor similarly highlighted State officials will continue working to ensure, as during Spring Break 2019, there are no fatalities during the upcoming vacation period.  She called on a doubling of efforts so that all visitors can be sure to return home safely, and stressed tools such the mobile app “Sonora Protege.”

semana-santa-2019-operativa-1-1200x658 Officials launch 2019 Semana Santa Safety Operative



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