Odile brushes by Puerto Peñasco

Puerto Peñasco experienced moderate rainfall from the passing of tropical storm Odile, along with cloudy skies. Clouds have continued to disperse throughout the day though the Puerto Peñasco – Caborca highway is closed to traffic (until further notice) due to strong washes along that route.

According to updates from Municipal Civil Protection and the State Civil Protection Unit, the orange alert issued yesterday for the area due to risk of Odile’s possible impact may be reduced to a moderate warning (yellow alert) given the storm’s effects have not registered heavily on the city, stated Municipal Civil Protection Director Nicandro Cornejo. Cornejo further indicated the storm now appears to be heading toward Arizona.

Nevertheless, the Puerto Peñasco – Caborca highway remains closed to traffic until further notice due to strong washes in the area of “Coyote” given strong rains in Caborca as well as Puerto Libertad.

As part of continued safety and prevention measures for the orange alert level, ports remain closed to all navigation along the coast from Puerto Peñasco to Puerto Libertad. In addition, space for a temporary shelter, as needed, remains set up at the Superior Technological Institute of Puerto Peñasco (ITSPP).

The Municipal Emergency Committee, which is made up of representatives from Federal, State, and Municipal agencies, will continue doing rounds on the outskirts of town while waiting for further notice from state civil protection in order to determine the next alert level, as applicable.

Alerts remain active along the eastern coast of the Baja California peninsula, from San Felipe to Santa Rosalía, BCS, and along the Sonoran coasts from Guaymas to Puerto Peñasco.



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