Notes about July 1st elections in Mexico

*UPDATED JUNE 28, 2018*

Mexico is currently engulfed in electoral campaigns, which officially began on March 30th   and run through June 27th, all in leading up to election day, Sunday, July 1st In addition to the importance of the elections in general, it is worthwhile to note “Ley Seca” (dry law, i.e. no alcohol sales) will be in effect on election day.

Puerto Peñasco is no exception, as this year includes elections for mayor, district representative, state senate, and the most important election of all, President of the Republic.  Interestingly, this year is also the first time mayoral candidates and district representatives in Sonora can run for reelection.  Mayoral elections are held every three years, and this year coincides with the Presidential election (every 6).

*This year’s 24 hour Ley Seca (Dry Law) goes into effect at midnight on June 3Oth (or rather the first minute of July 1st), lasting throughout election day and ending at midnight on Sunday (or rather 11:59 p.m.).    Bars, restaurants, liquor stores, etc. are not allowed to sell alcohol during this time.

So, if you have plans of visiting us over these dates, make sure you bring plenty of supplies (and patience!), because it will surely be an active day full of excitement and euphoria.



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