June 25, 2019

New look for Mexican 500 peso bill

billete-500 New look for Mexican 500 peso bill
New 500 peso bill. 2018

The 500 Mexican peso bill, which has donned the images of Frida Kahlo and Diego Rivera in magenta hues, has a new look and new details. As of August 27th, the 500 peso bill now displays Benito Juarez on one side and a gray whale with it’s offspring on the other, drawing attention to the coasts of the Biosphere Reserve of El Vizcaíno in Baja California Sur.   The color will now have a blue tone that resembles the current 20 peso bill.  It is important to note the current 500 bill will remain valid as the new bills are rolled out.

El Banco de Mexico reported the new bill will have several security locks, such as watermarks and changes in tone, along with touch-sensitive lines that can be identified by the visually impaired.

Other new bill designs are currently being worked on and expected to fully enter circulation by the year 2020. The new 200 peso bill, for example, will display El Pinacate Reserve, while others will feature other areas in Mexico considered to be World Heritage Sites.  Another change in the future is doing away with the current 20 peso bill.



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