New Aeroméxico flight promises great weekend get aways to/from Rocky Point!

By Shandra Keesecker-Rivero

Aeromexico-PPE-HMO-3 New Aeroméxico flight promises great weekend get aways to/from Rocky Point!Aeroméxico began flying out of Puerto Peñasco on Thursday, June 20th. Three days later, my husband drove me to the Mar de Cortés International Airport shortly after 5 p.m. in order to catch the Embraer 145 jet, with capacity for up to 50 people, so I could hop over the desert on the 40 minute flight to Hermosillo in lieu of the customary 6 hour bus journey.  As I had to be in Hermosillo on Monday for business, the Sunday evening flight out of Puerto Peñasco was the perfect opportunity to throw a carry-on over my shoulder and board the 6:46 p.m. flight.  The new flight promises to link Hermosillo – Puerto Peñasco – Las Vegas, NV, operating twice weekly with schedules running Thursdays and Sundays (read “perfect weekend getaway”).

Aeromexico-PPE-HMO-14 New Aeroméxico flight promises great weekend get aways to/from Rocky Point!As we pulled up to the airport’s parking lot we ran into a woman there to pick up a friend flying in from Las Vegas, thrilled with the opportunity her friend had to fly to Puerto Peñasco! My own flight to Hermosillo that evening was about half-full, a promising sign as this much anticipated flight path gets underway. After take-off, we headed out over Mayan Palace and the Sea of Cortes before banking left just as Isla San Jorge (Bird Island) came into view. The rugged desert landscape stretched out below as the sea hugged the coast; a mountain outline from Baja California completed the frame. One glass of tomato juice, a bag of peanuts and about 35 minutes later an announcement came on advising we were nearing the landing strip in Hermosillo, just in time to catch the glowing sunset from the tarmac.

Planning your flight to/from Puerto Peñasco

Tickets can be booked online at  For English speaking travelers, there is a useful tool at the top of the page. Plus, there’s a direct link to reservations at   Round-trip tickets are a great deal!

Have your IDs ready when checking in.

For international flights (or rather, when flying to Las Vegas), plan to be at the airport 2 ½ hours early particularly if you are checking a bag. You can register for baggage check-in when making your reservation online. (24 to 48 hours prior)

For national flights (to Hermosillo), you need to be at the airport 90 minutes early, particularly when checking a bag.

Security checklist – no liquid, gels, or aerosol items over 3 oz./90 ml.

Drinks on board! No cost for cerveza!  (I had tomato juice…really!)

All announcements on the flight were made in both Spanish and fluent English.

Taxis in Hermosillo – Once inside the main terminal in Hermosillo, proceed to the Taxi counters (to the right) and buy a taxi voucher to your final destination before heading outside to the awaiting cabs.

Following a 40 minute flight from Puerto Peñasco to Hermosillo on Sunday, on Monday I hopped on a bus for the 6½ hour trek back home. The flight was totally worth it! Enjoy your own flight…next time I’m headed to Vegas!

A volar con Aeroméxico desde Puerto Peñasco


Aeroméxico arrancó nuevos vuelos desde Puerto Peñasco el día jueves, 20 de junio. Tres días después, pasaditos de las 5 p.m., mi esposo me llevó al Aeropuerto Internacional del Mar de Cortés para que abordara el jet Embraer 145, con capacidad de 50 pasajeros, para tomar el vuelo de apenas 40 minutos a Hermosillo (en vez de las 6 horas y media en camión). La nueva forma de viajar a Puerto Peñasco por vía aérea operará los jueves y domingos, por la ruta Hermosillo – Puerto Peñasco – Las Vegas, NV.

Planear su viaje:

Reserve sus boletos en o encuentre un enlace al área de reservaciones en:

Tener su identificación a la mano al momento de pasar al mostrador.

Para los vuelos internacionales hay que estar en el aeropuerto 2 horas y media antes, mientras para el vuelo a Hermosillo deberá estar en el mostrador de documentación 90 minutos antes.

No se permiten líquidos, aerosoles o geles superiores a 100 ml, y deben de estar dentro de una bolsa de plástico con capacidad no superior a un litro.

Puerto Peñasco



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