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August 25, 2019

Navy rescues fishing crew stranded at sea

By José Antonio Pérez

Seven fishermen aboard the “Punta Baja IV” out of Guaymas, Sonora were rescued safe and sound after receiving assistance from the Puerto Peñasco Naval Sector on Wednesday, August 2nd. The Punta Baja IV had taken on water following a failure in the hull, leading to the rescue of the crew approximately 61 kilometers east of the San Felipe port.

The operation began after Search and Rescue staff at the Naval Station in San Felipe heard a call for assistance on the 16 VHF channel (used specifically for maritime emergencies). In response, they activated the SAR Search and Rescue system, launching steps to safeguard lives at sea. In coordination with ENSAR of both the Puerto Peñasco and San Felipe Naval Sector, orders were given to launch two Defender type vessels.  Upon locating the “Punta Baja IV”, the Navy immediately made sure the seven crewmembers were safe and healthy, before helping pump out water that had made its way to the machinery room.

Once the situation was under control, the “Iván Alonso” boat began towing the “Punta Baja IV” to Puerto Peñasco, accompanied by one of the Defender vessels to provide support if necessary.



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