Navy launches “2019 Lifeguard Operation Semana Santa”

By José Antonio Pérez

Puerto Peñasco is one of the 178 beaches in the country in which the Navy, who acts as Coast Guard, will be implementing the “Semana Santa 2019 Lifeguard Operation” on April 13th – 28th.

Services to be implemented by the Navy during the holiday break include maritime and land units deployed to patrol beach areas, and lifeguard posts to provide first aid and rescues if needed.

The Navy asks all visitors to please take into consideration the following recommendations:

  • Do not swim in the sea after eating or drinking, much less after both.
  • When swimming, please stay within sight of a lifeguard post.
  • Do not leave children unattended at the beach.
  • Use Sunscreen if you are going to be exposed to the sun for a long period of time.
  • Drink water constantly to remain hydrated.
  • Respect lifeguard indications.
  • Be mindful of boats or wave runners that might be in the area.
  • In case you go for a ride on a small boat, insist on a life vest, and make sure they don’t overcrowd the vessel.
  • Do not block beach access, please leave a clear path for squad cars and ambulances.
  • Please remember not to litter the beaches.

Another very important reminder is to keep an eye open for the Harbormasters indications regarding sea behavior. Green flag means conditions are good for swimming, snorkeling or diving; Yellow means caution due to sea currents, and a possibility of conditions getting worse; and Red meaning that no one is to enter the sea.

warning-flags Navy launches “2019 Lifeguard Operation Semana Santa”

In case of an emergency the following phone numbers are available 24/7: 911,  01-638-383-2603 and 01-800-627-4621  or approach the nearest Lifeguard post.



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