Municipal Public Safety assisting to clarify car theft along highway to Puerto Lobos


Puerto Peñasco mayor Ernesto “Kiko” Munro has instructed municipal police to assist the State Attorney’s Office in clarifying details on a reported armed-theft that recently impacted a family from the U.S. along the highway toward Puerto Lobos, in the municipality of Caborca.

José Tlaseca Méndez, Municipal Police Chief, stated, without detracting from the importance of the delicate issue, the event took place in the municipality of Caborca and not on the road to Mayan Palace, as had been speculated on social networks.

The Police Chief detailed on Tuesday evening, Oct. 6th, the Davis family of Arizona were on their way to Puerto Lobos (which is located approximately 2 hours south of Puerto Peñasco, or rather 170 kilometers). The family detailed they have had property in that area for over 20 years.

Tlaseca indicated approximately 15 minutes after passing the turn off to La Herradura mine, in the area of El Sahuaro, the family reported they were stripped of their car at gunpoint, along with a trailer carrying 3 four-wheelers.  Unharmed though shaken, the family was then left on the side of the road.

The Police Chief added, after being assisted by staff at the Herradura mine and per instructions of mayor Munro, the family was taken to Las Palomas. Once there, municipal police interviewed the family before then accompanying them to the Public Prosecutor’s Office to file the report.

The Public Safety Chief stressed this type of armed theft has not been registered along the access highways to Puerto Peñasco, which itself maintains a green safety level according to indicators of the State Public Safety Secretary.

He condemned this type of armed theft, stating the municipal police department is coordinating with neighboring municipalities and agencies from the three levels of government to prevent any future instances of such cases.



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