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Celebrations for Mothers and Teachers in May

Along with the honored tradition of Mother’s Day (May 10th in Mexico), festivities in May also celebrate the role of educators with Teachers Day (May 15th). This past week, local officials, led by Mayor Kiko Munro and his wife Linda Pivac de Munro, led Mother’s Day celebrations at the Peñasco Convention Center for a gathering of over 2000 moms in a welcome family environment. Linda, who is also the president of the Municipal DIF, further celebrated Mother’s Day with members of the National Institute of Older Adults (INAPAM), and the Club Mar de Cortés, with festivities that included music, gifts, raffles, and surprises.

Then, in days leading up to Teachers Day, accompanied by more than 500 teachers and school directors, along with members of the National Union of Education Workers Section #28, Mayor Kiko Munro led traditional celebrations honoring Teachers Day at the Peñasco Expo Convention Center. Along with festivities, the event also included presentation of acknowledgments to 19 teachers for having served for 20 years in the education field, along with presentation of the Profesor Amadeo Hernández Coronado Medal


Peñasco Red Cross helps break CPR Record

By José Antonio Pérez

May 8, 2017. In marking International Red Cross Day (May 8th), the Puerto Peñasco Red Cross did their part in helping Mexico beat the world record for number of people practicing CPR. Red Cross Emergency Coordinator Miguel Ángel Ibarra Lomelí detailed locally 90 people gathered on the malecón to perform CPR, though nationally the number topped 483,000, breaking the earlier world record of 300,000.  Ibarra Lomelí explained additional activities included a bike exhibition, with about 25 people, a Zumba demonstration with around 200 people, plus CPR training for 220 people. Of these, only 90 took part in practicing CPR and in helping break the world record.


No reports of injuries or spills from train derailment

By José Antonio Pérez

May 11, 2017.  For a second time in 2017, and a fifth in the last four years, there was a train derailment within the proximity of Puerto Peñasco. This occurred in the early morning of May 11th, 25 kilometers southeast of the city near the railroad crossing leading to the Mar de Cortez International Airport near Mayan Palace. According to Civil Protection and Fire Department Chief Francisco Javier Carrillo Ruiz, the train was headed south after already passing through the city.  In this most recent derailment, 15 train cars loaded with containers flipped off the tracks, while another 10 came off the tracks but did not turn over. No injuries or spills were reported.


Police detain fiber optic cable thief

Press Release

Puerto Peñasco, Sonora. May 8, 2017.  Police Commissioner Marcos Alejandro Preciado Valenzuela reported that in response to an emergency call,  members of Municipal Public Safety detained an individual in the López Portillo neighborhood for stealing fiber optic cable belonging to Telmex. The thief was apprehended with more than 20 meters of fiber optic telephone cable, confessing he was part of an organized group that in recent weeks had stolen fiber optic cable, causing damage to Telmex itself as well as to telephone and internet service in different parts of town.


Reelection of Mayors and Representatives now possible

By José Antonio Pérez

May 6, 2017.  The Sonora State Congress has approved a measure that mayors and local representatives can now be reelected. Mayors could be reelected for another term, while local representatives will now be able to serve up to three terms.   Locally, this means Mayor Ernesto Kiko Munro could run for reelection in 2018 though he has yet to declare.  The initiative, entitled Law 187, was recently voted on by State Congress, where it was unanimously approved.





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