More than 90K visitors during Semana Santa in Puerto Peñasco!

The recent Semana Santa holiday in town was evidenced by packed beaches, crammed city streets, hotels, and restaurants. The busiest day in Puerto Peñasco by far was Saturday, April 4th, with a nearly 2 – 3 hour wait to get into the popular malecón area!

During the day, beaches were packed with children and entire families, while by night the streets remained busy with thousands of people from Sonora, Baja California, and Chihuahua making their way to the Malecón to dance to the rhythm of bandas from both near and far.

Jesús Pablo Elizalde Valenzuela, Director of Public Safety, reports over the recent vacation period there were 15 traffic accidents documented along with 147 traffic fines, mostly related to speeding, DUIs, and lack of caution on ATVs.

Even so, traffic was a challenge and there were a number of accidents across the city. Late Sunday evening, as many people made their way out of town, 25 people were injured on the Coastal Highway after an ABC bus flipped.  Still, the entire vacation period in Puerto Peñasco ended without reports of any fatal incidents.



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