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May 22, 2019

More developments interested in joining Clean Beach Certification

Puerto Peñasco offers over 1500 meters of certified clean beach, and is seeking further certification.

By José Antonio Perez

The coordinator for the Federal Maritime & Land Zone authority (ZOFEMAT), Luis Cesar Garcia Gonzalez, reports at least three tourism developments along Sandy Beach have shown interest in obtaining Clean Beach Certification, thereby expanding Peñasco’s overall certified clean beach area.

The ZOFEMAT Coordinator detailed following completion of the environmental audit on the existing 1525 meters of Level 2 Sustainable Beach, work would begin on areas in front of the following developments: Esmeralda and Sonoran Resorts, among others.

Garcia Gonzalez stated already having a certified Sustainable Clean Beach provides a competitive advantage in improving this destination’s image, placing it on the cutting edge internationally to ensure protection of both the environment and visitors.

Garcia Gonzalez explained the environmental audit done last December corroborated compliance with Mexican Norms for Beach Sustainability, allowing for Puerto Peñasco’s re-certification as a Level 2 Sustainable Clean Beach for a second year in a row.

The current Certified Clean Beach area encompasses 1525 meters of beach stretching from Playa Bonita to Las Palomas. This represents the first and only certified clean beach in Sonora, and the longest stretch of certified beach in Mexico.



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