Mobile health clinic promotes women’s health

The Fundación Beatriz Beltrones provided nearly 300 mammograms, and cervical exams, to women in Puerto Peñasco during their most recent weeklong health check set up at Plaza la Madre (from Oct. 31st – Nov. 4th).

With the goal of providing education and skills in early cancer detection, as well as working to save lives, for a 7th time the Fundación Beltrones visited Puerto Peñasco to offer free mammograms and cervical exams.

Oscar Palacio Soto, promoter of the clinic in Puerto Peñasco, detailed the mobile health unit set up for the week at Plaza la Madre saw an average of 30 women daily, ranging from 25 years and up, and particularly those of limited means.  He noted there nearly 150 mammograms were done and a similar number of cervical exams, which represents important economic savings for the women and their families.

He stressed with more information available each year, women in Puerto Peñasco are taking more steps concerning their health and are more aware of possibilities for survival given early detection, emphasizing the importance of self-examinations and taking advantage of these type of clinics.



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