Memuco takes on LA through The White Canvas Project!

It’s that beautiful feeling you get when you start a new project…  – Memuco

This is the heading of Rocky Point artist Guillermo Munro Colosio’s (Memuco) site that displays his wide breadth of art talents, which are now part of a show “LA Jam” put on as part of the White Canvas Project of the European artists’ group Supremebeing.  The event exhibited on Feb. 24th in LA at the iam8bit gallery, where Memuco had traveled from Beijing (where he works as Art Director for China Daily) to be part of the inauguration alongside other artists.  This summer he plans to travel to England for yet another expo of The White Canvas Project (TWCP).  The White Canvas Project explores different areas where art exists, expanding out from the traditional canvas, while combining a wealth of street art and culture.

Memuco explains he grew up in Puerto Peñasco and among his many talents has worked as a visual journalist, graphic designer, and painter. His designs have included graphics on environmental issues in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, and numerous local expressions of art including a mural of the vaquita of the Sea of Cortes here at City Hall.

Memuco explains, “My current artwork is divided in many passions, but they all converge at one point. They are things I love, and things that concern me: First the environment…”  He goes on, “A new character in my body of work is a female that I call “The Silent One,” she is the daughter of “La Catrina” (representing death in Mexico), and was given the duty to go around the world, taking all animals who are endangered….only after she makes sure they are happy, she puts them to ‘sleep’.”

Here in Rocky Point, Memuco’s artwork has been displayed at various city events, often alongside that of local artist Hector Hans Munro Colosio, including at last fall’s Cervantino cultural festival and at the Seafood Fest. We hope to see more of Memuco’s artwork back here in Rocky Point!  Congratulations  Memuco on your truly amazing talent!

To view more of Memuco’s work, visit:   and for more on The White Canvas Project:



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